Six Powerful Scanners to Identify All Errors


Speed and Performance

The most obvious causes of speed problems in relation to your PC are malicious programs and files. However, there can be other issues that lead to PC performance problems, in particular unnecessary processes. SafeBytes Total System Care scans your PC for any excess processes and tasks and disables them. This will rapidly improve the speed that your computer boots up, in addition to the loading and utilisation of programs.


System Stability

PC registries can begin to develop errors overt ime. This can cause crashes and generally make the processing speed of your PC slow down appreciably. As these errors grow, they can cause serious issues, and it is in your interest to sort them as soon as possible. SafeBytes Total System Care carries out a sophisticated scan for a number of stability issues including missing and corrupted virtual devices and drivers, program DLL errors, and corrupt and missing help libraries, and solves them for you. This greatly improves the running speed of your PC.


ActiveX and Class Issues

Faulty ActiveX components can cause a great deal of problems on your PC, slowing down web browsing in particular. Additionally, some websites will even fail to load or crash your PC completely when ActiveX controls go awry. Total System Care has extensive scanning for these entries, along with missing software paths and invalid combinations.


Registry Errors

Fixing registry errors is the core functionality of Total System Care. The raft of scans run by the program go deep within your Windows registry to identify errors which have occurred. Such errors can be incurred by incorrectly uninstalled programs, missing and invalid registry keys, broken Windows components such as fonts and shortcuts, and Windows components that have been damaged due to improper updates or malware.


Security and Privacy

Malware is becoming increasingly dangerous. Whereas once upon a time, it could be considered a prank, today malware can have serious financial consequences. In this regard, Total System Care is an absolute must as it simply prevents prevents rogue software from being able to access information on your PC. The software also does an excellent job of tidying up the registries on your machine, securing it for future use. When operated in collaboration with SafeBytes’ robust virus removal software, this is a powerful and extremely valuable program.


Rogue Tracking Files

There is nothing wrong in principle with cookies and tracking files, but they can provide an unfortunate and unintended entry point for privacy violations, as well as offering information to hackers, and thus assisting with the process of creating malware and viruses. The Total System Care software does an exceptional job of identifying and removing dangerous cookies from your machine while ensuring that the harmless and valid ones remain untouched to ensure that your everyday work is unaffected.

What is a registry and why does it need cleaning up?

The Windows registry is an extremely important part of the operating system, as it contains all of your personal settings for all Windows programs. If the registry does not function correctly, the performance of your PC will be extremely negatively impacted.

As you use your PC, the registries within it inevitably become affected. This can happen in a variety of ways, for example, uninstalling programs sometimes leaves obsolete registry keys and entries which can obstruct smooth PC use.

Aside from affecting the performance of your PC, inaccurate registries can also lead to privacy issues, as they may still contain information on previously used files and folders.

In order to ensure that your PC is running at optimum performance, it is simply essential to purge your PC of any outdated or erroneous registries.

Although it is theoretically possible to manually cleanup registries, this is beyond the practical scope of most computer users, and is also extremely time consuming. It is extremely ill-advised to engage in the process, as deleting importances registries can seriously damage your PC.

Product Features

Boosts PC Speed. Total System Care scans specifically for errors and invalid keys known to cause lag and lengthen the time it takes for programs and the PC to start up. Your computer will run faster than the day you bought it!
Protects your privacy. Total system Care ensures that you can continue to surf the Internet anonymously by eliminating all errant programs from your system. These include dangerous tracking cookies, adware and even security weaknesses. Total system Care shuts any possible access to your system down, preventing hackers from stealing data or damaging your computer.
Fixes and Prevents Errors. Total system Care also ends the bane of any computer user; unwanted crashes. Total System Care fixes a wide range of critical Windows and software errors.
User-friendly. Total system Care has been designed to be as inclusive as possible. Its user-friendly Interface is intuitive and extremely straightforward to use, allowing you to get your PC back to tip-top shape with ease.
Advanced Registry Detection. The core of the Total system Care package is its 15 advanced scanners which target critical elements of performance, stability and security to ensure that your system is optimized to the highest level possible.
24/7 support. Our support team is available whenever required to provide you with world-class technical support. We will walk you and talk you through any issues at any time.
Unlimited automatic updates. Total System Care doesn’t require you to manually update it, the latest version of the program is always downloaded and installed automatically. Total System Care runs quietly in the background as you operate your PC.

Why do you need Total System Care?

TotalSystemCare provides the best solution for your outdated or erroneous registries.

This innovative registry cleanup tool from SafeBytes goes deep without affecting important system registries and is packed with the following features:

  • Speeds up your PC performance by cleaning startup entries
  • Stabilizes your system by taking care of system help files, shared libraries and virtual devices
  • Fixes Active X and Class Issues through control scan and user scan functions
  • Patches up all known registry errors
  • Improves privacy settings by taking care of most recently used programs list and history and start menu

The name says it all. TotalSystemCare is designed exactly to provide total care of your system to keep your PC running at its best and most efficient all the time.

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