Why Do Botnets Emerge?

Since the corporate world is investing in advanced security equipment that protects them from bot attacks, personal computers and laptops at home are the most vulnerable when it comes to botnets. Fraudsters through malware bots can take control of these computers and use them in a network as a group of ‘zombie’ computers. Botnets have evolved. Read More

When was the computer developed?

Even though we use them daily, most of us are not aware of the long and complicated history that computers have had. The questions that we neglect to ask as we use these wonderful devices are; when was the computer developed and who was behind its development? Safety First Before we delve into the history of computers. Read More

When does thrashing occur?

Before I tell you when does thrashing in computer operating systems occurs it is important to understand what is thrashing in the context of computer operating system. Some operating systems implement a virtual memory space. In such OS, the programs allocate memory from an address that might be larger than the real random access memory. Read More