4 Ways To Quickly Install Your Desktop Programs After Getting A New Computer

Getting a new computer, or reinstalling the operating system on an old one, is an exciting event for almost everyone. However, in order to get your newly acquired computer to function at the optimal level, you need to install on it the programs that you use on a daily basis. While computers come with most. Read More

10 Of The Most Costly Software Errors In History

The term “software” in computing refers to the instructions and programs that are used by a computer. Although we take software for granted, its history is littered by a number of costly errors. Here are ten of them. The Loss of the NASA Climate Orbiter A failure by a contractor to make a conversion from English units. Read More

10 Historical Software Bugs With Extreme Consequences

Computer software has come a long way since the invention of computers so many decades ago. Although we take the programs that we use on our computers today for granted, the software development path has not always been smooth. Here are 10 historical software bugs that have had extreme consequences. AT&T’s Buggy Long-Distance Service A software update. Read More

The Importance of Doing Regular Checkups on Your Programs

Your computer executes millions of instructions on a daily basis. While this may not be apparent to the everyday user, there is processing taking place in the background of your computer at every second. The instructions that the programs execute are done in a logical manner. This is the reason why your computer is consistent. Read More