About SafeBytes

SafeBytes is a world-class producer of computer software solutions which has particularly focused on viruses, malware and directory-related issues. In our years of existence, we have steadily built we have steadily built up our business, and today are a multinational software company with employees spread across the planet.

SafeBytes has a trifecta of particularly powerful and intuitive programs which are valuable to any Windows-based PC. Developed by our highly skilled and experienced group of software developers and technicians, these core products are central to the ethos and work of SafeBytes within our field.

The Safebytes software program is the ultimate virus and malware solution. SafeBytes kills all known viruses stone dead, and is continually and diligently updated by our team of virus and malware experts. In the hostile environment that is the contemporary Internet, SafeBytes enables you to surf, work and play with confidence.

Based on a critically acclaimed virus engine, Safebytes installs rapidly, purges your system of all unwanted material, and runs quietly in the background to ensure that you don’t experience any further problems. SafeBytes is a very lightweight program, which insures that you can run all manner of demanding software simultaneously without noticing any system performance difficulties.

One cannot over-emphasise the importance of PC security in this day and age. When news broadcasts and media regularly carry stories of issues such as ransomware – which render computers completely useless, until a fee is paid to the hacker – then it is quite clear that protection for your PC is absolutely essential.

With the production of viruses and malware evolving on an almost daily basis, the team of software developers and engineers at Safebytes work incredibly hard to ensure that the database of viruses and malware contained within the Safebytes program remains up-to-date at all times. We work around the clock to ensure that our service to you is of the very highest standard in the industry. When you download SafeBytes, you can be 100% certain that you’re getting the best viruses and malware protection possible.

In addition to SafeBytes, we also recommend downloading two other programs to run in conjunction with it. The first of these, DriverAssist, ensures that your PC hardware functions at its optimum speed and performance. Over a period of time, even the best managed PCs can become clogged up with all manner of extraneous material. DriverAssist swiftly reorganises your PC and insures that it runs as fast as is possible.

The last of the three programs, Total System Care, massages your system back to its very peak by repairing errors, boosting speed, and stabilizing all software components. This is particularly useful for people running older PCs, but should be considered an essential piece of software for anyone running Windows.

Safebytes is an intuitive and user friendly software solution which is suitable for users of all levels of IT literacy. It provides world-class viruses and malware protection, and runs extremely efficiently on all PCs to ensure that no noticeable performance issues occur. Safebytes is the ultimate in virus and malware protection, and it is strongly recommend that you take steps to download it today.