Rogue security software is designed to trick users into thinking that they are protecting their computers by using that software when in reality the software might not be doing anything. It may even be harming your computer by downloading virus on your computer so that it can pretend to do its job by detecting it for you. This is why it is very important for all computer users to be aware of all potentially active rogue security software out there since they can even turn up in your average Google search results.

The first kind of rogue security software that you need to look out for goes by the name of Antivirus2009, which can affect just about all versions of Windows operating systems. After scanning your system, this software will give you false or exaggerated reports of malware. In order to remove these threats, the software will ask you to pay for the full license while downloading other threats onto your system.

One of the latest rogue security software is the Security Shield 2011, which will probably be installed onto your system without your full permission. And once done, it will begin to detect malware on your computer that does not even exist. Security Shield 2011 has absolutely no potential to detect malware let alone remove it from your system. Furthermore, it will harm your computer by editing your registry entries.  This application will hinder your internet surfing by redirecting your browser window.

Win 7 2012 is a rogue antispyware program that is cloned along the lines of its counterparts, Win 7 Antivirus 2012, Vista Security 2012 and XP Security 2012. This rogue software will look and pretend to function exactly like authentic antivirus software except that Trojans that will harm your browser security will create the installations for this application. Every time you will start your Windows, these rogue software will use malicious Registry entries to launch itself.  The Security Sphere 2012 takes on its functions, code, structure and interface from previous similar rogue software including Desktop Defender 2010, Vista Smart Security 2010 etc. Apart from other symptoms, this application will disable the Windows Security Center and create fake pop security alerts.

Other harmful rogue software that all PC users should be aware of include Home Security Solutions, which belongs to the FakeVimes family will take the form of authentic Microsoft Software, Security Monitor 2012 to create fake warnings. Antivirii 2011 comes from the same family as Antivirus Clean 2010 and AV Secure 2012 that like Cloud AV 2012 will pretend to be a useful antivirus software by running all those scans and coming up with fake results.

Security Essentials 2011 that is installed on the computer by TDSS variants or drive-by downloads, constantly shows security alerts about fake viruses on your computer that can only be removed once you purchase the full product. Moreover, this rogue software might also prevent the working of system utilities likes notepad and task manager that can help remove this application. This is why it becomes imperative for computer users to keep themselves updated and informed about the latest rogue security software so that they can protect their computers from them.