There are many backup and disaster recovery tools that are available to the PC user today, thanks to the rapid advancement in technology. The key success criteria for any tool that you select is that it must be effective, efficient and affordable.

Above all it must ensure that your data is protected at all times and that you are fully in charge of the activities that take place on your computer. For those who have already fallen victim to malware, the recovery program ensures that you can at least salvage your essential data to live another day.

Some good packages on the market today

There is quite an offering depending on what you are prepared to pay and the kind of risks that you are facing in your day-to-day work:

  1. I) – AUTONOMY: This is part of the HP family and has been associated with the development of one-stop solutions for all your data recovery needs. The program not only addresses the concerns of corporate governance but also meets the highest standards of computing. This is one of those solutions for people whose main business is in the collection, collation, manipulation and presentation of data in all its forms.

The program is able to help with virtualized work environments where you get continuous backup. At the same time you can also opt for one-time services that are used when you are dealing with an emergency.

Their flagship packages include LiveVault; DeltaRestore; and TurboRestore. They also offer optional proactive administration and a Data Shuttle service if you are dealing with huge volumes. Furthermore you could access their native data de-duplication service as well as using encryption key escrow tools.

  1. II) – STORAGECRAFT: This is one of the new kids on the block and has acquired a reputation for providing solutions that work. It is based in Utah but has a good global following. The programs that they produce are very good at helping with complex data streams.

You can ask for a dedicated desktop as a well as a virtual server. Some have argued that their flexibility means that they do not really focus on singular products or gain expertise in them. However in general terms, this is one of the better solutions for consumers and businesses. They are now offering cloud image managers as well as IT editions on a USB drive. This means that you can get great functionality on the move.

III) – FLUX DATA: Although this remains one of the smaller players, it can still bring quality to your BDR (data recovery and backup). Moreover the lower cost means that virtually anybody can afford the software. For example you only need $1 payments per month in order to access their 2GB backup suite. This is particularly important for accounting files that require some level of segregation in order to avoid the risk of being infiltrated.

The other ones that deserve a mention include the ARCserve Replication software by CA Technologies. This one is very flexible and can work with SANs, NAS, DAS, UNIX, LINUX and Windows. Alternatively you may consider VirtaCore Systems which are excellent for cloud platforms.