Before understanding the cause of a booting problem on a computer, you need to grasp its genesis and look at all the possible alternatives. Although there are tools that are provided by Windows 7 and Vista, they may not always be adequate for the purpose at hand. In any case, it is expected that you will have taken care of the malware by fully installing and operationalizing the TotalSystemCare program together with all its accessories. This is a monitoring tool that is designed to pick up any hints of unusual activity on the computer so that the dreaded virus can be ruled out. Without such supportive programs, you are left open to everything that is going round on the internet. It is only those who are either naïve or negligent who fall into this category.

The startup repair tools is often sufficient enough to boot in Windows 7 but there may be issues that are beyond this relatively simple solution. Remember that this is a recovery tool so there must be something wrong before the failed boot. Therefore, it is advisable to undertake a scan using one of the programs that you have such as SafeBytes. The damage may be on files or specific folders depending on its extent and manifestations. However, these tools may not be able to fix hardware issues which must be physically examined. If you have lost personal files and data it is highly unlikely that the recovery tool will bring them back. That is why it is always advisable to do a backup as often as you reasonably can.

Preventing further damage and incidents

Some of the problems are cyclic and systemic which means that you have no option but to deal with them right now. An example is if there is an infestation of malware that needs to be covered. The unexpected shutdown may be due to a power failure and that too must be resolved using the correct connections and the right voltage/wattage. The Windows error recovery screen is supposed to give you some information as well as sound advice on the best way of proceeding. For example, you may decide to start up in the safe mode so as to avoid the potential damage that could come on the system. It is possible to get an error screen manually if it has not come up automatically. Make sure that the computer is completely powered down before powering it up again. Ensure that you keep hitting the F8 key until you see the advanced boot options.

When you get to this screen you should highlight the option to repair the computer and press enter. In case the problem is due to a virus then you will need to get rid of the error before proceeding with the work that you intended to do. The use of TotalSystemCare is of the essence because it is one of the best options for people who want to get rid of malware once and for all. Another important package is SafeBytes.