After some problems accessing the start menu, Windows 10 brought it up. This is the perfect opportunity to get the best out of this beloved menu by customizing it for your specific needs. The new menu is noted for the ease with which you can customize it even if you are not a computer systems wizard.

Adding or changing items

You can organize the items on the start menu or even add new ones as well as removing the ones that are no longer applicable to your use. This is all done by manipulating the view option. It is even possible to add shortcuts. The only downside is that you will not be able to deal with your Metro apps here. The ones that are not in-build can be uninstalled by merely right clicking on them.

Resizing the start menu

For aesthetic or practical reasons, you may decide to resize the start menu. You should do this by moving the mouse towards the top edge of the frame and then clicking on the arrows to size down. Remember that if you have live tiles which have been pinned then resizing will make the start menu wider than it currently is relative to the overall size.

Pinning and Unpinning Tiles

Right click on each tile that you want to pin or unpin. You will be given a drop down menu from the start. If you want to rearrange them then all you have to do is use your cursor to drag them about. If you still cannot see the app that you wanted to pin then you should use the “All Apps” view in order to search for it. Right click on it and then select the option to pin it from the start. Regular apps can be pinned to the right hand side. The same view allows you to pin items to the task bar or even uninstall them.

Resizing Live Tiles

All you have to do is right click on them. You should then choose the option to resize them. It is also possible to select a particular size depending on how you want the display to come out. Please note that the largest size is way too big for most people unless you have some visual impairment. Nevertheless there are many choices for the user so you are not stuck with the extremes. The only downside is that for some reason the tiling was set up for even numbers. If you have an odd number then you will end up with a blank space.

Turning off live updates

This is probably one of those features that are very attractive to busy people who cannot cope with the constant reminders that they have to download stuff. You can also get rid of blinking tiles. All you need to do is right click and select the option to “Turn live tile off”.

There are plenty of other updates you can do including color changes and sounds. The beauty of Windows 10 is that they have made the process very simple. Which only means that everyone has a choice.