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Threat Data

Name: DailyBibleGuide Category: Browser Hijacker Threat Level: 1/10

DailyBibleGuide Information

Daily Bible Guide is presented as a toolbar that helps computer users stay connected with their religious beliefs, the Daily Bible Guide Toolbar is, in reality, a Browser Hijacker. The Daily Bible Guide Toolbar is available on its official website, where it is offered for free as a ‘Must-have’ add-on, compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. The Daily Bible Guide Toolbar appears to deliver some useful and honest services. However, its association with numerous other malware has caused computer experts to consider the Daily Bible Guide Toolbar as a Browser Hijacker, that will deliver potentially infected content. Another reason for this classification is that, despite the favorable features of Daily Bible Guide Toolbar, the multiple unwanted features that are associated with the Daily Bible Guide Toolbar and similar Web browser add-ons created by Mindspark Inc. may make you reconsider installing it or keeping it. If the Daily Bible Guide Toolbar is installed on your computer and you no longer want to keep it, you should use a reliable malware removal tool to get rid of it.

Alternate Detections and Aliases

Worm.Runouce [VBA32], AdWare.FunWeb.jw [VBA32], Win32.Troj.Behav_ROS.aa.(kcloud) [Kingsoft], [Kaspersky], TROJ_GEN.RCBH1LC [TrendMicro-HouseCall], W32/MyWebSearch.GSM [Norman], Riskware.Win32.FunWeb.eqraf [NANO-Antivirus], PUP.MyWebSearch [Malwarebytes], Worm.Runouce.b [VBA32], TROJ_GEN.RC1H1GG [TrendMicro-HouseCall], Win32.Malware.Heur_Generic.B.(kcloud) [Kingsoft], W32/MyWebSearch.AIU [Norman], W32/MyWebSearch.GSG [Norman], not-a-virus:WebToolbar.Win32.MyWebSearch.gen [Kaspersky] and Win32:FunWeb-K [PUP] [Avast]

About Browser Hijacker

Browser hijacking is a very common type of internet fraud where your internet browser configuration settings are altered to allow it to do things you don’t intend. There are various reasons why you may have a web browser hijack; however commercial, marketing and advertising are the key purposes for their creation. Typically, it’ll drive users to predetermined websites which are looking to boost their advertisement income. A lot of people believe that these types of sites are legitimate and harmless but that is incorrect. Nearly every browser hijacker pose an actual threat to your on-line safety and it is important to categorize them under privacy dangers. When the program attacks your PC, it starts to mess things up a whole that slows your system down to a crawl. In the worse case, you could be pushed to deal with serious malware threats too.

Signs of browser hijack
Here are some symptoms that indicate your internet browser has been hijacked: you see unauthorized changes to your Internet browser’s home page; your browser is constantly being redirected to porn websites; default web engine is changed; you find many toolbars on the browser; you observe lots of pop-up ads on your screen; websites load very slowly and often incomplete; you can’t navigate to particular webpages, like security software related sites.

How does a PC get infected with a browser hijacker
Browser hijackers can get into a computer in some way or other, for example via downloads, file sharing, and e-mail too. They could be included with toolbars, BHO, add-ons, plugins or browser extensions. Other times you might have mistakenly accepted a browser hijacker as part of a software program bundle (usually freeware or shareware).

Browser hijackers may record user key strokes to gather potentially important information leading to privacy concerns, cause instability on computers, severely disrupt user experience, and ultimately slow down the PC to a point where it becomes unuseable.

Removing browser hijackers
Some hijackers could be removed by uninstalling the freeware they came with or by removing any add-ons you’ve recently added to your browser. At times, it could be a challenging task to discover and remove the malicious component since the associated file might be running as part of the operating system process. Moreover, manual removal requires you to carry out many time-consuming and complex steps which are very difficult to carry out for beginner computer users.

Installing and running antivirus software on the affected system could automatically delete browser hijackers as well as other malicious applications. SafeBytes Anti-Malware detects all kinds of hijackers – including DailyBibleGuide – and removes every trace quickly and efficiently. Employ a system optimizer (like Total System Care) together with your anti-malware software to repair various registry problems, eliminate system vulnerabilities, and boost your computer overall performance.

Infected with DailyBibleGuide? Scan your PC

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*SafeBytes Anti-Malware scanner is for malware detection. You have the choice of buying the software for malware removal. If you wish to uninstall SafeBytes Anti-Malware, learn how.

What To Do When You Cannot Install Any Antivirus?

Viruses could potentially cause a lot of damage to your personal computer. Some malware types alter web browser settings by including a proxy server or modify the PC’s DNS settings. In these cases, you’ll be unable to visit some or all internet sites, and therefore not able to download or install the necessary security software to remove the computer virus. If you’re reading this right now, you may have perhaps recognized that a malware infection is the reason behind your blocked internet traffic. So what to do if you want to install an anti-malware application like Safebytes? There are a few solutions you can attempt to get around with this obstacle.

Install the antivirus in Safe Mode
Safe Mode is actually a special, basic version of Microsoft Windows where just minimal services are loaded to prevent malware as well as other problematic applications from loading. In the event the malware is obstructing internet connection and affecting your PC, running it in Safe Mode allows you to download antivirus and run a scan while limiting possible damage. To enter into Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking, press the F8 key while the PC is booting up or run MSCONFIG and locate the “Safe Boot” options under the “Boot” tab. Once you’re in Safe Mode, you can attempt to download and install your antivirus program without the hindrance of the malware. After installation, run the malware scanner to remove standard infections.

Switch over to some other internet browser
Certain malware might target vulnerabilities of a specific browser that block the downloading process. If you seem to have a trojan attached to Internet Explorer, then switch over to a different browser with built-in security features, such as Firefox or Chrome, to download your favorite anti-malware program – Safebytes.

Create a bootable USB antivirus drive
To effectively eliminate the malware, you have to approach the issue of running antivirus software program on the affected computer from a different angle. Adopt these measures to use a USB drive to fix your corrupted computer system.
1) Download Safebytes Anti-Malware or Microsoft Windows Defender Offline onto a clean computer system.
2) Mount the pen drive onto the same computer.
3) Double-click on the downloaded file to open the installation wizard.
4) Choose USB drive as the location when the wizard asks you exactly where you wish to install the software. Follow the instructions on the computer screen to finish off the installation process.
5) Remove the pen drive. Now you can use this portable antivirus on the infected computer.
6) Double click the Safebytes Anti-malware icon on the flash drive to run the application.
7) Click on the “Scan Now” button to start the virus scan.

When you have tried all the above methods and you still have issues downloading or installing Safebytes Anti-Malware, then you may resort to re-installation of the Windows OS. It may sound scary, but unfortunately, re-installing everything from the beginning is the sole method and often the most sensible approach to get rid of particularly stubborn malware. If you’re currently a Safebytes customer, you may call our toll-free number 1-844-377-4107 to obtain product support and expert solution from our technical team.
Still can’t install Safebytes Anti-Malware? View other possible causes of installation issues.

A Look at the Best AntiMalware Program

In order to protect your PC from a variety of internet-based threats, it is important to install anti-malware program on your PC. However, with countless numbers of antimalware companies in the market, nowadays it is tough to decide which one you should buy for your personal computer. A few are very good ones, some are decent, while some are just fake anti-malware software which will ruin your PC themselves! You need to choose one that is reliable, practical and has a strong reputation for its malware source protection. When thinking about the reliable software programs, Safebytes Anti-Malware is certainly the highly recommended one.

SafeBytes anti-malware is really a powerful, highly effective protection tool designed to assist end users of all levels of computer literacy in identifying and removing harmful threats from their personal computer. With its outstanding protection system, this tool will quickly detect and remove the majority of the security threats, which includes adware, viruses, browser hijackers, ransomware, trojans, worms, and PUPs.

SafeBytes anti-malware offers a myriad of advanced features which sets it aside from all others. Listed below are some of the features you will like in SafeBytes Anti-Malware.

Active Protection: Malware programs looking to get into the computer are identified and stopped as and when detected by the SafeBytes real-time protection shields. They’re very effective in screening and eliminating different threats since they’re continuously improved with latest updates and safety measures.

Robust, Anti-malware Protection: This deep-cleaning anti-malware application goes much deeper than most antivirus tools to clean your personal computer. Its critically acclaimed virus engine finds and disables hard to remove malware that hides deep inside your PC.

Safe Browsing: SafeBytes inspects the hyperlinks present on a webpage for possible threats and informs you whether the website is safe to look at or not, through its unique safety ranking system.

Fast Multi-threaded Scanning: SafeBytes’s virus scan engine is among the quickest and most efficient within the industry. Its targeted scanning drastically increases the catch rate for malware that is embedded in various PC files.

Light-weight: SafeBytes gives you complete protection from on-line threats at a fraction of the CPU load due to its enhanced detection engine and algorithms.

24/7 Assistance: Support service is readily available for 24 x 7 x 365 days via email and chat to answer your concerns.

Overall, SafeBytes Anti-Malware is a solid program as it has lots of features and can identify and eliminate any potential threats. Malware issues will become a thing of the past once you put this software to use. So if you are looking for the best anti-malware subscription for your Windows-based computer system, we strongly recommend SafeBytes Anti-Malware software.

Technical Details and Manual Removal

If you want to manually get rid of DailyBibleGuide without using an automated tool, it might be actually possible to do so by removing the program from the Windows Add/Remove Programs menu, or in cases of browser plug-ins, going to the browsers AddOn/Extension manager and uninstalling it. Additionally, it is recommended to reset your web browser to its default condition to fix corrupt settings.

If you choose to manually remove the system files and registry entries, utilize the following list to make sure you know exactly what files to remove before undertaking any actions. Please keep in mind that only experienced users should try to manually edit the registry because incorrect file deletion leads to a major problem or even a PC crash. Additionally, certain malicious programs are capable to defend against its removal. You are encouraged to do this procedure in Windows Safe Mode.

    %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\DailyBibleGuide
    %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\DailyBibleGuide
    %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\hdhkemhaommecijlogcmoeaogjjpkihm
    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\hdhkemhaommecijlogcmoeaogjjpkihm
    %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Sync Extension Settings\hdhkemhaommecijlogcmoeaogjjpkihm
    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Sync Extension Settings\hdhkemhaommecijlogcmoeaogjjpkihm
    %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Extension Settings\hdhkemhaommecijlogcmoeaogjjpkihm
    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Extension Settings\hdhkemhaommecijlogcmoeaogjjpkihm