A PC user can never be too safe. The moment you think that you have an idea of all the risks you are exposed to, you discover that you have to learn something new. One of the threats that many PC users do not know about is known as the link hijacking virus. Just like other malicious threats, this one tricks you into clicking on a malicious link that appears to be safe. These links can appear in your search results looking legitimate, but they are not. One of these threats is YellowMoxie. In this article, we deal with how to detect and remove the YellowMoxie link hijacking virus.

How YellowMoxie Works

This virus works by targeting URL paths and then changing them. When you try to visit a legitimate site, this virus will redirect you to a malicious one. The challenge with this virus is that it is very sneaky. It has been known to make its way into the computers of even the most tech-sophisticated individuals. Research indicates that this virus usually targets Firefox and Explorer. There do not seem to be any reports of it invading Chrome.

Removing YellowMoxie

Before we go into the steps you need to take in order to remove this virus from your PC, be aware that you do not need to pay anything in order to remove this virus from your computer.

  1.      The first step is to remember that you do not have to pay anyone to get rid of this. Always ensure that your PC has the right antivirus. Use a second defense line such as Total System Care from SafeBytes. It will scan your computer for any suspicious activity and neutralize it before it causes problems.
  2.      At other times, this virus will attempt to use the default search engine part of your computer. You can verify if this is happening in your case by going to “Manage search engines” in the search box, which is located on the top right corner of the browser window.
  3.      When you find any search engines you do not recognize or know what they are doing, delete them. The only search engines that should be sitting there are legitimate ones.
  4.      If you are using another browser such as Internet Explorer, you can also follow the same steps as above.

Sometimes, the steps above do not work. This is when you will need to download a software system like Total System Care. As the name suggests, this solution looks at your computer as a whole. It will perform the scan without you having to do anything other than downloading the software onto your computer. You can use the free version of this software even though we would advise you to use the version you pay for. The free version gives you limited functionality.

Once you have downloaded this software onto your computer, restart it. You will then be able to check if the problem has been resolved. Most of the time, it will be. With this solution on your machine, it will be a lot more difficult for viruses to invade your system.