If you own an important device such as a Mac computer, it is important to know the serial number for a variety of reasons. The first is that it is the only way you will be able to identify your computer in case it goes into the wrong hands, and there is nothing else that you can use to identify it. It is also a good idea to insure important things like computers. In order for the insurance company to take you seriously, you need to have an idea of what the serial number of your device is. In this article, we are giving some tips on how to find the serial number on your Mac.

The serial number on your Mac is also important when you need to access some of the benefits offered by Apple. You will not need it every day to access your computer, but you should be able to find it when you need it.  The following are the four methods you can use to find the serial number on your Mac.

  1.      Use “About This Mac”

“About this Mac” is the easiest way you can access your Mac’s serial number. This is found on the information panel. To get to this area, go to the Apple menu. In the menu, open the OS X version string. If you click on this string, you will get a host of information, including the serial number, the version of the operating system, and the OS build number.

  1.      Use the Mac External Chassis

The other easy option is to look for the serial number on the body of the Mac. In the majority of computers, you will find this printed somewhere at the bottom of the machine. If you own an iMac, you will find this number located at the bottom of the system. If you still have the box inside which your Mac was packaged, you can find the serial number on that box.

  1.      Using the OS X Terminal

The other option is the OS terminal. This option is best for use when the system that you are logged in to is remote and the connection is through SSH. Logging on using this option requires that you deploy the “system profiler” command. This command tends to offer a great deal of information, more than just the serial number. You can minimize the amount of information so that you see details only about the hardware. Scan through this information, and you will find the serial number.

  1.      Use the System Information Utility

The fourth option will be to find the serial number on the “About” panel. Once you are in this panel, click on “More Info.” The “About This Mac” panel can be accessed from the Apple Menu. It can also be accessed from the “Applications -> Utilities” folder. Using this method will show you the serial number of the Mac and other information such as the model number.

Now, with all these options on how to find the serial number of your Mac, the only thing that is left is to protect it using a smart software solution like Total System Care from SafeBytes.