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Threat Data

Name: FindYourMaps Category: Browser Hijacker Threat Level: 2/10

FindYourMaps Information

The FindYourMaps Toolbar is developed by Mindspark, and marked as potentially unwanted software. FindYourMaps is marked as a Browser Hijacker. The dubious aspects of this software start at its distribution methods, as clients may download the FindYourMaps Toolbar Web extension as a recommended additional component of various freeware. The usual problem with this method is that bonus elements checkboxes are marked in advance. When users go through the setup process the ‘Quick’ or ‘Recommended’ Way, they may not be able to manually uncheck the extra options, making the FindYourMaps Toolbar potentially unwanted.

Once the toolbar is installed on any browser (including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer), it will modify the user’s homepage, new tab page, and replace the default search engine. The FindYourMaps Toolbar contains links to some sponsored sites, which may indeed provide you with the promised driving directions and online maps. The main reason we do not recommend using the FindYourMaps Toolbar is that it may attach advertising materials to the majority of Web pages, exposing the user to more dangerous websites. The ads may come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and usually in vast amounts. Users observed annoying pop-ups, some eye-catching banners and even interstitial ads that cover the whole screen. Due to the multimedia elements, the presence of this browser hijacker will affect the normal performance of the Web clients. We recommend removing FindYourMaps using a reliable anti-malware solution.

Alternate Detections and Aliases

PUP/Win32.MyWebSearch, RiskWare[WebToolbar:not-a-virus]/Win32.MyWebSearch, Win32:Mindspark-A [PUP], MyWebSearch, MyWebSearch.J (v), Adware.Win32.MyWebSearch.bQ, a variant of Win32/Toolbar.MyWebSearch.AJ, Riskware/MyWebSearch, Win32.Adware.Mindspark, not-a-virus:WebToolbar.Win32.MyWebSearch, PUP.Optional.MindSpark, Win32/Virus.WebToolbar.30b, Win32.Trojan.Falsesign.Wsuo, Suspicious_GEN.F47V1106, MyWebSearch.J (v) (not malicious), Adware.MyWebSearch.Win32.1702, FindYourMaps.Toolbar

About Browser Hijacker

Browser hijacking is actually a form of unwanted software, often a browser add-on or extension, which causes modifications in web browser’s settings. There are various reasons why you might have a internet browser hijack; however commercial, marketing and advertising are definitely the major purposes for their creation. Typically, it will drive users to particular sites that are looking to increase their advertising campaign income. It may appear naive, but most of these sites aren’t legitimate and can present a major risk to your on-line safety. Some browser hijackers are designed to make certain modifications beyond the web browsers, like altering entries on the computer registry and allowing other malware to further damage your computer.

Browser hijacking signs and symptoms
The following are some signs that indicate you have been hijacked:
1. the home page of the web browser is changed all of a sudden
2. you find yourself constantly directed to a different webpage than the one you meant
3. the default online search engine and the default browser settings is modified
4. you see unwanted new toolbars added
5. you will find random pop-ups start occurring frequently
6. web pages load slowly and often incomplete
7. You cannot access specific websites, in particular anti-malware sites.

Exactly how they invade PCs
Browser hijackers can enter a computer in some way or other, including via file sharing, downloads, and email too. They could also be deployed through the installation of an internet browser toolbar, add-on or extension. Sometimes you might have inadvertently accepted a browser hijacker as part of a software package (usually freeware or shareware).

Browser hijackers could record user key strokes to gather potentially important information that leads to privacy issues, cause instability on computers, drastically disrupt user’s browsing experience, and eventually slow down the system to a stage where it will become unusable.

How to get rid of browser hijackers
Some hijackers can be removed by deleting the freeware they came with or by eliminating any extension you’ve recently added to your PC. Sadly, most of the software programs used to hijack a internet browser are deliberately designed to be hard to eliminate or detect. Furthermore, browser hijackers can modify Windows registry therefore it can be very tough to fix manually, particularly if you are not very tech-savvy individual.

You might opt for automatic browser hijacker removal by simply installing and running reliable anti-malware software. If you wish to get rid of persistent browser hijackers effectively, install the top-rated anti-malware tool Safebytes Anti-Malware. Use a pc optimizer (like Total System Care) together with your antivirus software to repair various registry issues, eliminate computer vulnerabilities, and boost your computer overall performance.

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*SafeBytes Anti-Malware scanner is for malware detection. You have the choice of buying the software for malware removal. If you wish to uninstall SafeBytes Anti-Malware, learn how.

Virus Blocking Internet And All Antivirus Software? Do This!

Every malware is bad and the consequences of the damage may vary based on the specific type of malicious software. Some malware sits in between your PC and the internet connection and blocks a few or all sites that you want to visit. It will also block you from the installation of anything on your PC, particularly anti-virus programs. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re stuck with a malware infection that is preventing you to download and/or install Safebytes Anti-Malware program on your computer system. Do as instructed below to get rid of malware by alternate ways.

Make use of Safe Mode to fix the issue
If the malware is set to run at Windows startup, then booting in Safe Mode should prevent it. Since only the minimal programs and services start up in Safe Mode, there are seldom any reasons for issues to take place. You will have to do the following to eliminate malware in Safe mode.

1) Hit the F8 key continuously as soon as your computer boots, but before the big Windows logo or black screen with white texts comes up. This should bring up the Advanced Boot Options menu.
2) Make use of the arrow keys to select Safe Mode with Networking and press ENTER.
3) As soon as this mode loads, you will have the internet. Now, make use of your internet browser to download and install Safebytes Anti-malware.
4) After installation, run a full scan and allow the software program get rid of the threats it finds.

Download the anti-malware program using a different web browser
Some malware might target vulnerabilities of a specific browser that obstruct the downloading process. The most effective solution to avoid this issue is to go with a web browser that is known for their security features. Firefox has built-in Malware and Phishing Protection to keep you secure online.

Run anti-malware from your pen drive
Another solution is to make a portable antivirus program onto your USB stick. Follow these steps to run the anti-malware on the infected computer.
1) Use another virus-free computer system to download Safebytes Anti-Malware.
2) Mount the pen drive onto the same PC.
3) Double-click on the downloaded file to run the installation wizard.
4) When asked, choose the location of the pen drive as the place in which you want to store the software files. Follow the activation instructions.
5) Transfer the USB drive from the clean computer to the infected computer.
6) Run the Safebytes Anti-malware directly from the USB drive by double-clicking the icon.
7) Run Full System Scan to detect and clean-up of all types of malware.

If all the above methods are not able to help you in downloading the anti-malware, then you’ve no option but to re-install your computer’s OS to erase all of the data, including the malicious programs that are obstructing the anti-malware installation. If you’re not sure regarding which solution is best suited for you, contact 1-844-377-4107 to speak to our computer professionals who can walk you through the steps to fix your infected computer system.
Still can’t install Safebytes Anti-Malware? View other possible causes of installation issues.

Review of SafeBytes Anti-Malware

Do you wish to download the very best anti-malware program for your laptop? There are many applications available which comes in paid and free versions for Windows systems. A few of them do a good job in eliminating threats while some will ruin your computer themselves. You have to opt for a product that has gained a good reputation and detects not just viruses but other kinds of malware too. On the list of recommended software program is SafeBytes AntiMalware. SafeBytes carries a superb track record of excellent service, and clients appear to be happy with it.

SafeBytes anti-malware is a trustworthy tool that not only protects your PC permanently but is also very easy-to-use for people of all skill levels. With its outstanding protection system, this software will automatically detect and get rid of most of the security threats, including browser hijackers, viruses, adware, ransomware, trojans, worms, and PUPs.

SafeBytes anti-malware provides a array of enhanced features that sets it apart from all others. The following are some of the features you may like in SafeBytes Anti-Malware.

Real Time Protection: SafeBytes gives real-time active monitoring and protection against all of known viruses and malware. This tool will continuously keep track of your computer for any suspicious activity and updates itself regularly to keep abreast of the constantly changing threat situation.

Anti-Malware Protection: Safebytes is based on the best virus engine in the industry. These engines will detect and get rid of threats even during the early stages of a malware outbreak.

Web Protection: Safebytes assigns all websites a unique safety rating that helps you to have an idea of whether the website you are about to visit is safe to browse or known to be a phishing site.

Fast Multithreaded Scanning: This program has one of the quickest and most efficient virus scanning engines in the industry. The scans are very accurate and take a little time to complete.

Light-weight Application: This software is light-weight and will run silently in the background, and that does not impact your computer efficiency.

24/7 On-line Tech Support: You will get 24/7 technical assistance to promptly resolve any problem with your security tool.

Simply put, SafeBytes has developed a meaningful anti-malware solution that is aimed to protect you against various malware. Malware problems will become a thing of the past when you put this tool to use. So if you want advanced forms of protection features and threat detections, buying SafeBytes Anti-Malware could be worth the money!

Technical Details and Manual Removal

To get rid of FindYourMaps manually, go to the Add/Remove programs list in the Windows Control Panel and choose the program you want to get rid of. For browser extensions, go to your browser’s Addon/Extension manager and choose the add-on you want to remove or disable. It is also suggested to factory reset your web browser settings to its default state.

If you decide to manually delete the system files and Windows registry entries, make use of the following checklist to make sure you know exactly what files to remove before carrying out any actions. But bear in mind, editing the Windows registry is often a difficult job that only experienced computer users and professionals should attempt to fix the problem. Additionally, some malicious programs have the capability to defend against its removal. Doing this in Safe Mode is recommended.

    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\AppIntegrator.exe
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\AppIntegrator64.exe
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\AppIntegratorStub.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\AppIntegratorStub64.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\AssistMonitor.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\AssistMonitor64.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\BAT.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\CrExt.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\CrExtPdp.exe
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dpbar.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dpbarsvc.exe
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dpbprtct.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dpdatact.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dpdlghk.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dpdlghk64.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dpfeedmg.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dphighin.exe
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dphkstub.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dphtmlmu.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dphttpct.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dpidle.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dpmedint.exe
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dpmlbtn.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\DpnMngr.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dpPlugin.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dpreghk.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dpregiet.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dpscript.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dpskin.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dpskplay.exe
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dpSrcAs.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\HiddenToolbarReminder.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\HkFxMgr.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\HkFxMgr64.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\HPG.DLL
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\Hpg64.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\InstallEnabler.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\t8EPMSup.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\T8EXTEX.DLL
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\T8EXTPEX.DLL
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\T8HTML.DLL
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\t8Res.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\T8TICKER.DLL
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\ToolbarGuard.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\ToolbarGuard64.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\Verify.dll
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\TPIManagerConsole.exe – TPIManager (Third-Party Product Installer)
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\dptpinst.dll – ThirdPartyInstaller Module
    C:\Program Files\FindYourMaps_dp\installKeys.js