Have you ever encountered a situation where someone asks you to remotely fix their PC? Perhaps it is your parents or someone else who has encountered problems with your computer, and you are asked to help out despite the fact that you are at the other end of the world.

Remotely Fixing a Computer

Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can remotely troubleshoot the troublesome computer.

Use Remote Assistant

The best way you can fix a PC from a remote destination is through the use of the Windows Remote Assistant. Windows Remote Assistant is a useful facility in the Windows operating system that, unfortunately, most people are not aware of.

However, this facility is very useful since it allows you to grant access to your computer to someone you trust. This allows them to fix your computer even if they are in some far-off place.

How to Activate Remote Assistant

In order to activate Remote Assistant, all that you need to do is go to the Search section of your computer. Type in “Remote Assistant” and select “Allow Remote Assistance invitations to be sent from this computer.” Make sure that the appropriate check box is selected. Next, you need to search for “Remote Assistance” one more time and choose “Invite someone to connect to your PC and help you or offer to help someone else.”

The next thing that you need to do is choose “Invite someone you trust to help you.” Select on the “Easy Connect” option. Select “Invite someone to help you” and follow the rest of the instruction.

Scan Your PC with Total System Care from SafeBytes

Although it is possible to fix a PC from a remote destination, the best thing is to make sure that your computer does not encounter problems in the first place. You can do this by optimizing your PC to perform at its best using Total System Care from SafeBytes.

PC Optimization

Total System Care is a safe-to-use PC performance optimization utility that helps speed up your computer by fixing and preventing all the errors that are usually responsible for performance degradation in computers.

Microsoft Certified Partner

The good thing is that SafeBytes is a Microsoft Certified Partner. What this means is that all the utilities that it is famous for are safe to use on your PC. So, how does Total System Care achieve its amazing results?

How It Works

Total System Care acts in a unique way to help boost your computer’s speed by fixing all the errors that are on your computer. It also secures your online privacy by identifying all the tracking cookies and adware that are used by cyber criminals to steal important data from PCs.

Advanced Registry Detection

This useful PC optimization utility also comes with Advanced Registry Detection, which enables it to identify all the areas on your PC that need optimization. It also comes with auto backup and the ability to stabilize all the programs that are on your computer. This makes it the best PC optimization utility that can be found out there.