Knowing that a website that you use has been hacked can be a terrifying experience. The fallout is particularly serious, considering the amount of personal information that most people, consciously or unconsciously, leave floating around the internet daily.

Total System Care

Computers do a lot of hard work on our behalf. However, they, over time, become prone to errors that can cause serious problems.  We recommend that you keep your PC running smoothly with SafeBytes TotalSystemCare. TotalSystemCare is the world’s leading PC performance tool. It is light on resources and noticeably boosts PC speeds by scanning for and fixing errors and invalid keys that are known to slow down computers. It also fixes and prevents errors to your registry. Best of all, TotalSystemCare helps protect your computer from being hacked through the identification of dangerous tracking cookies and adware.

Who Hacks Websites?

The internet is overflowing with individuals who are on the hunt for ways through which they can steal various pieces of information. The reasons why people do this are many. Websites sometimes get hacked because the hackers wish to gain access to people’s personal financial information. They also get hacked because the attackers want to use them as repositories for malicious software. Unwary visitors to the sites are subsequently infected.

When a Site That You Use Gets Hacked

If you notice that a website that you use has been hacked, the first thing that you should do is minimize your exposure to potential viruses by stopping your visits to the site. If, as you should, you are using a strong anti-virus program, such as SafeBytes Antivirus, you can rest assured that your PC will be protected against the various threats that are lurking over the internet.

Find Out Your Level of Exposure

The amount of damage that occurs largely depends on the type of website that has been hacked. You need to ask yourself about the amount and nature of personal information that you have previously left on the affected site. If the hacked website is, as an example, a simple news aggregator, then your exposure is probably limited to your email address and password. However, if it’s a financial services company, there is a big chance that your personal banking information may have been compromised.

Change Your Passwords

Immediately after noticing that a site on which you have previously left personal details has been hacked, you should take steps to protect yourself by changing your banking and email passwords. This will give you some protection against the possibility that the hackers have accessed these details.

Contact Your Bank

It is important for you to subsequently get in touch with your bank or other financial institutions to tell them that your personal details may have been stolen. This will ensure that they can freeze your account while taking measures that will protect you from potential theft.

Scan Your System with SafeBytes TotalSystemCare

Each website that you visit is a potential repository of malicious software. Total SystemCare helps protect your computer by fixing errors to its registry and identifying tracking cookies and adware. Use it today, and you will get a noticeable improvement in performance! It does wonders to your PC and keeps it running like new.