When Microsoft announced that it was moving from Windows 8 to Windows 10, the question in everybody’s mind was “What happened to Windows 9?” Well, we are about to find out what happened to Windows 9. We were told sometimes towards the end of 2014 that it was on its way. Not many people know what eventually happened after that announcement. Well, here’s everything you need to know about Windows 9.

Windows 9 Was Skipped

The first thing you need to know is that Windows 9 was skipped. So, if you see anywhere on the internet with an offer to download Windows 9, you should know that you are about to go to a site that will take you to place where you do not want to go. Microsoft never named any operating system Windows 9, but what you need to know is that same scammer will have their own system that they will call Windows 9.

Microsoft Skipped Windows 9 On Purpose

No, it is not a mistake that someone made at Microsoft when they skipped Windows 9; they did so deliberately. They wanted to show that Windows 10 was the end of an era. They wanted to indicate to the market that Windows 10 would be the last release. From here, they would only be making updates to the code-base of Windows 10 without necessarily upgrading the operating system itself. This means that you can expect never to see a Windows 11 either.

Do Not Download Windows 9

Even though there were rumors abound in 2014 that Microsoft was going to release Windows 9, they never did. Again we reiterate, never download Windows 9 to your PC. If you download Windows 9 onto your computer, you are likely to be downloading a virus. Sometimes, the scammers will tell you that this is a rare Windows update that can only be downloaded by a selected few. Yes, you will be one of the selected few with a special virus on your computer.

Downloading a Windows 9 update is a reckless as operating a computer without an antivirus. Instead of downloading Windows 9, get something like Total System Care. This sophisticated software from SafeBytes will ensure that when you try to download Windows 9, you will not be able to. It will scan the website that is trying to download anything to your computer and naturalize it before it causes any major issues.

We may never know what happened to Windows 9, but someone once said, “Windows 7, 8, 9.” Read this aloud and see the funny side of it. On a serious note, we are told that Microsoft moved to Windows 10 because they did not want the market to associate the flop that was Windows 8 with the new version, Windows 10. One could also think of the skip in terms of a student skipping a gradeyou know, like how that intelligent student is allowed to skip a grade and go to the next, leaving all of you behind by a year. We will really never know what happened to Windows 9; what we know is that we can always joke about it.