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How important is brand when you are looking for a new laptop or PC? Well, it is our opinion that brand should not be the first thing to look at when buying a new laptop. You can find a great machine regardless of the logo on the back of the screen. Even if the manufacturer’s reputation doesn’t rank it at the very top, because of its other models.

However, reality is, and most people hate to admit this, brand is extremely important. Manufacturers know this, which is why their marketing departments will work around the clock and spend millions of dollars to persuade users and potential buyers to identify with their brand.

It’s fair to say that there are no bad laptops today, especially coming for major manufacturers, because technology has come so far. Still, when you are paying for something that cost upwards of several hundred dollars, or even going into the four-digit territory, you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

We’ve taken the time and put together a list of best laptop brands, taking into account their performance, reliability, design, and money-to-value ratio. Check it out.

8. Samsung

Don’t get us wrong, Samsung makes some pretty good laptops, but they have the misfortune of sharing the same list with brands that have been making laptops forever, and Samsung is the new kid on the block, looking to earn its stripes.

The quality of their products is very good, as well as their performance. While not breathtaking, should still be worthy of your attention when deciding on which laptop to buy.

Samsung’s biggest weakness is that it just doesn’t have quite enough models to offer as of yet, which is something that should improve over time.

7. Acer

If you are looking for an affordable, reliable laptop that will serve you for years to come, it’s hard to go wrong with buying an We didn’t rank them higher because, although their laptop are always well-made, their selection could use some refreshing, as they don’t offer many high-end machines. However, if you prefer build quality and reliability over sheer performance, you can easily bump Acer up a few places on your list.

6. Hewlett Packard

HP has been struggling in the past few years, but with the models they’ve put out this year, they have made a strong case for themselves, and it’s clear as day that they want to get back to the top, where they surely belong.

They have introduced some cool designs and audio innovation into their laptops, and they have a pretty good selection, which is something one should expect from a company of their caliber.

On the other hand, it’s been a really long time since they’ve put out something truly exciting, plus there have been a few reliability issues, which is why they aren’t ranked any higher on our list.

You can review HP’s models over at

5. Dell

As far as is concerned, it is pretty much the same story as with HP. Those two are the biggest names in the PC world ever, yet their products are not reflecting that at the moment.

Dell is famous for its build quality, and fortunately, that hasn’t changed. However, in the past year, there have been some reports regarding their reliability, and if you add to that tech support which leaves much to be desired, it’s clear that Dell needs to improve.

Their warranty, on the other hand, is the best out there, so you don’t need to worry about that.

4. Toshiba has been maintaining a reputation for steadily putting out great products. Even when they’ve failed to produce anything truly amazing, there has never been a significant dip in build quality or reliability.

With its more high-end laptops, Toshiba has become a favorite among gamers who like to have a powerful gaming platform which is also portable. Their battery life is very impressive, and their graphics and displays rank among the best across all brands. But even if you are not looking for something to play games on, Toshiba has to be on your list of brand you would want to check out.

3. Apple

We’re expecting fanboys (and fangirls) to rebel against this one, but there is a reason why Apple hasn’t taken the top spot here as it has everywhere else. Do they make beautifully designed, well-made laptops which also feature some outstanding performances? You bet. Are they among the best laptops money can buy? Absolutely. But the question is, are they really worth all the money you will pay for them? We think they are grossly overpriced, and that there are plenty of equally-matched laptops out there that are better value for money. They’re probably the best argument for those who claim that brand matters.

2. Asus

We absolutely love Asus, and for more than one reason. They are as reliable as always, their laptops are routinely well-made, and they don’t skimp out when it comes down to the design of their products.

On top of that, their selection of laptops is unrivaled, which means you can find a powerful PC without robbing a bank in order to buy it. And like every reputable IT company, Asus never moves away from innovation and taking risks, which is why their PCs are among the best in the market.

1.   Lenovo

Ever since bought IBM’s PC section, they have been doing a stellar job of keeping their reputation secure. Out of all the brands on this list, Lenovo is by far the best you can get for your hard-earned money. Taking into account all aspects, such as performance, build quality, design, and warranty.

Their laptops features are probably the best components in the market, and there hasn’t been any major reports of them breaking down. Their selection is varied, but their customer service could use some work, and that’s about the only slight gripe we have about them.


We hope this list will make your choice much easier, and that you will be able to find a PC which is not only well-made and powerful, but one that is also reliable regardless of the application.