Customer Reviews

In the years that it has been available, Safebytes has received critical acclaim, and we receive continual positive feedback from customers of both a domestic and business nature. Here are some of the comments that we have received from satisfied Safebytes customers.

David, Business Owner, 32 – I can heartily recommend the Safebytes program, after previously experiencing difficulties with viruses and malware within my business. Not only can viruses cause massive problems, but as I found out to my cost, not all so-called virus killers do the job they are intended to. My business was seriously affected by this, and I needed a reliable virus killer to sort things out rapidly.

Thankfully, I’m glad that I opted for Safebytes. Once it was installed on our network, it speedily and efficiently killed the virus that our system was suffering from, and quickly got things back to normal. I am so glad that I opted for this excellent program, and there is no doubt that Safebytes will remain a central part of our operations going forward.

Emma Smith, Home User, 68 – Having recently bought my first computer, I must confess that I am a little wet behind the ears when it comes to modern technology! While I was aware of problems such as viruses, I barely understood what this meant in practical terms, let alone what to do about it!

Luckily, a friend of mine recommended Safebytes to me. I knew very little about the program at the time, or for that matter about virus-related software in general. It was a little bit daunting to be attempting to deal with a problem that I barely understood, and I was hoping desperately that Safebytes would not be intimidatingly complicated to use.

I have to proclaim the makers of Safebytes for having produced a program that even I was able to install and use! It really is simple and user friendly, and now I can use the Internet at home without worrying too much about any problems. I would really recommend Safebytes to anyone but particularly people who aren’t that experienced with computers, such as myself.

John Walters, Student, 22 – As a student on a budget, I needed a virus and malware program to secure my laptop for use at University. I looked at numerous possible virus solutions, and some of them were fairly impressive, but I’m extremely pleased that I ultimately opted for Safebytes. This is an extremely reliable and high-quality program, Easy to use, and without doubt cost-effective. I can’t praise it highly enough.

Stephen, Computer Programmer, 42 – As I work in the IT industry professionally, it takes quite a lot to impress me. I am also often dubious about the more outrageous claims of certain software programs. So I approach any virus solution with a certain amount of trepidation and scepticism.

I must say though that I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of Safebytes. It certainly has an extremely durable and up-to-date database of viruses and malware, and performs very well compared with the numerous other virus checkers that I have run during my time as a regular professional PC user.

When I hear the term ‘lightweight software’, I have also extremely sceptical, as the concept of lightweight often seems to differ greatly from my notion of it! But again Safebytes scored extremely well in this department, and I can’t praise it highly enough in terms of how well the program runs.

This is an outstanding viruses and malware checker, and one that would benefit anyone for either domestic or business usage.