Can you imagine a life in which you are not allowed to use the internet? This means that you would not have the right to log on to answer an email, use an internet bank account, or meet friends on social media. To send a letter, you would have to go to the post office to get a stamp, then head over to the stationery shop to buy a writing pad, pen, and an envelope. Once done, you would have you get to the letter box and post it. Then, you would wait until the letter is received and replied to. Meet the ex-hacker, Higinio Ochoa, who is now banned from the internet: this is the way he has to live.

The Bikini That Nailed Higinio Ochoa

Like all other hackers, Higinio Ochoa was gaining access to people’s computers without their consent and stealing data. However, Higinio was not one of those wannabe hackers. He belonged to the premium class as he was hacking into databases such as that of the police in the United States. He did this as part of a hacker group known as Cabin Cr3w that consisted of nameless individuals.

Higinio did everything that hackers do such as selecting provocative possible targets. Then, he posted a bikini picture on his Twitter account. That particular bikini picture would eventually be his downfall. He seems to have forgotten to do something very important: remove the metadata. This would lead the FBI to discover his location, and he was arrested. When he was offered parole, part of the condition of this parole was that he was not permitted to use the internet.

Some of the attacks Ochoa was linked to include the Occupy movement. The interesting thing about the woman in the picture that he sent is that she eventually became his wife. According to Ochoa, he never gave away information about his friends the way other hackers who have been arrested before do.

Higinio Ochoa’s Occupation

At the time when he was arrested in 2012, Higinio was working as an administrator at Linux. He was living in Galveston, Texas.

What He Does Now

Higinio Ochoa is back at work after leaving prison. He is still doing what he likes best, but he is certainly doing it in a different way now. If he wants to send codes to his other colleagues at work, he has to send them on paper. If his wife is around, the lady in the bikini, she can send the mail out as the parole conditions allow her to use the internet.

Even though Higinio was apprehended and made to pay for his sins, there are many other hackers lurking out there in the shadows waiting for someone to fall for their tricks. This is the reason why you should be ensuring that your PC is protected using not only a good antivirus but also a system assisting it such as Total System Care designed by SafeBytes. Thus, the system will scan your computer and identify if there is a tracking cookie that can allow unscrupulous individuals like Higinio Ochoa to hack your computer and steal important information.