What are Viruses?


Viruses can be defined quite easily as any form of malicious software. The definition of malicious can be more broad, but viruses can either interrupt the operation of a computer, make sensitive information vulnerable, or install malicious programs which track a computer user as they perform tasks on their machine.

Viruses comes in several different forms, and is distributed in a variety of different ways. Viruses can appear on a computer in the form of executable code, scripts, active content, and other software, while it can be downloaded onto machine via malicious websites, or often via malignant e-mails.

There are a wide variety of virus programs which have various levels of malicious intent. Viruses can include computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware and scareware. Some viruses are fairly innocuous, while others can be extremely serious indeed. Recently, ransomware has made news headlines; a form of virus which shuts down access to an individual computer completely.

Occasionally, programs which are considered viruses can be distributed via other commercial software. This particular form of virus will be embedded within software somewhere, and is generally pretty innocuous, but this form of virus may gather marketing statistics, for example, via hidden tracking functionality, and can occasionally make users vulnerable to other malicious viruses.

An important aspect to remember with regards to virus is that it refers to software which causes harm due to malicious intent. Software which merely causes bugs inadvertently is not considered virus.

Generally speaking, PCs and Android devices are considered more vulnerable to viruses. This is quite simply because hackers consider these systems to be more profitable owing to the fact that they have much larger installed user bases than any of their competitors.

What is Safebytes?

SafeBytes is an outstanding protection system which provides reliable, efficient and convenient protection against all known viruses and malware. SafeBytes can be accessed at any time from the Windows desktop, and runs quietly in the background while you operate your PC, protecting you against all threats at all times.

SafeBytes kills all viruses and malware as soon as it encounters them. Furthermore, the program provides a continual shield as you browse the Internet, ensuring that there are no nasty surprises hidden in any malignant files that you might inadvertently encounter.

Our world-class team of developers has worked tremendously hard on the SafeBytes software program to ensure that it’s the ultimate virus and malware solution. SafeBytes will eliminate all known viruses and malware from your system, while continuing to monitor your PC continually for any suspicious items.

SafeBytes is continually and diligently updated by our team of virus and malware experts to ensure that it is fully up-to-date with all of the latest virus and malware threats. With hackers continually looking to create new ways to exploit the Windows operating system, new viruses and malware appears on an almost daily basis. Therefore we update the SafeBytes software several times each day to ensure that you are receiving the best protection in the industry at all times.

Based on a critically acclaimed virus engine, SafeBytes installs rapidly, purges your system of all unwanted material, and runs quietly in the background to ensure that you don’t experience any further problems. We are very aware at SafeBytes of the needs and concerns of the average PC user, and consequently we have designed SafeBytes to use up an incredibly small amount of processing power as it runs in the background. Thus, SafeBytes is a very lightweight program, which insures that you can run all manner of demanding software simultaneously without noticing any system performance difficulties.

Our world-class team of software developers, engineers and technicians work around the clock to ensure that our service to you is of the very highest standard in the industry. When you download SafeBytes, you can be 100% certain that you’re getting the best virus and malware protection possible, and that there are no holes in the program through which errant viruses and malware can seep through.

Aside from providing a powerful and convenient total virus and malware solution, we also wanted SafeBytes to be comprehensible for people with every conceivable level of IT literacy. We have diligently built this program to be as user-friendly as possible, and feedback from our clients and reviewers indicates that the program is incredibly easy to use, even if you’re not particularly IT literate.

We are proud to proclaim SafeBytes as an intuitive and user-friendly software solution which is suitable for users of all levels of IT literacy. It provides world-class virus and malware protection, and runs extremely efficiently on all PCs to ensure that no noticeable performance issues occur. SafeBytes is the ultimate in virus and malware protection, and the safety of your PC would only benefit from downloading it today and running this supreme virus and malware protection system as soon as possible.

In addition to SafeBytes, we also recommend downloading two other programs to run in conjunction with it. The first of these, DriverAssist, ensures that your PC hardware functions at its optimum speed and performance. Over a period of time, even the best managed PCs can become clogged up with all manner of extraneous material. DriverAssist swiftly reorganizes your PC and insures that it runs as fast as is possible.

The second of the these programs, Total System Care, massages your system back to its very peak by repairing errors, boosting speed, and stabilizing all software components. This is particularly useful for people running older PCs, but should be considered an essential piece of software for anyone running Windows.

SafeBytes is part of a trifecta of particularly powerful and intuitive programs which are valuable to any Windows-based PC. Developed by our highly skilled and experienced group of software developers and technicians, these core products are central to the ethos and work of SafeBytes within our field.

The SafeBytes virus and malware protection system is at the very heart of this trio of programs, and we’re extremely proud that millions all over the world continue to choose SafeBytes to protect themselves in the contemporary Internet environment.

Safebytes is built on the best virus engine in the industry. Not only is the database of viruses and malware included in Safebytes second to none, but the virus engine itself is incredibly efficient and has performed superbly in laboratory tests.
Safebytes features the most intuitive and user-friendly interface of any virus checker. We have worked tremendously hard to ensure that Safebytes is easy to use for people of any level of IT ability, and the incredibly positive feedback we’ve received indicated that we have been successful in this aim.
Safebytes provides total real-time protection against all known viruses and malware. This ensures that you can surf the Internet and carry out any activities that you need to in total confidence.
Safebytes also provides users with unrivalled inbound and outbound firewall protection, and constantly monitors your computer for hacker activity.

Safebytes has been renowned for its lightweight client software which ensures that your PC runs to its optimum potential, while receiving world-class virus and malware protection.

24/7 customer service means that you get help from our staff anytime you need it.

Finally, Safebytes assigns all websites a unique safety rating to ensure that you’re always certain of your safety when browsing the worldwide web.


Why do you need to protect your PC against viruses?

The modern Internet carries a huge number of threats to your PC, which come in a wide variety of different guises. Actually utilizing your PC without suitable protection against malignant software is simply unsafe. This can lead to all sorts of unwanted consequences, which can be as severe as seeing your computer completely rendered completely unusable, or even for financial theft to be perpetrated against you.

One cannot over-emphasize the importance of PC security in this day and age. The recent development of ransomware – which render computers completely useless, until a fee is paid to the hacker – makes it quite clear that protection for your PC is absolutely essential. You cannot afford to cut corners when protecting your PC against viruses and malware, and thus Safebytes should be considered an essential download by all PC and Windows users.

It would be no exaggeration to say that the production of viruses and malware evolves on an almost daily basis. Therefore the team of software developers and engineers at Safebytes work incredibly hard to ensure that Safebytes also involves on a daily basis.

The experts at SafeBytes understand the current PC virus and malware situation extremely well. That is why we created Safebytes to ensure that all PC users can receive total protection against malicious viruses and malware at all times.