Total System Care

“Fully-featured PC performance utility that’s light on resources and easy to use. Optimizes all aspects of system function to ensure the fastest computer possible.”

Compatible with: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Free scanner identifies performance related issues on your PC. Purchase is required to resolve issues identified by this software.

Why do you need Total System Care?

TotalSystemCare provides the best solution for your outdated or erroneous registries.
This innovative registry cleanup tool from SafeBytes goes deep without affecting important system registries and is packed with the following features:

  • Speeds up your PC performance by cleaning startup entries
  • Stabilizes your system by taking care of system help files, shared libraries and virtual devices
  • Fixes Active X and Class Issues through control scan and user scan functions
  • Patches up all known registry errors
  • Improves privacy settings by taking care of most recently used programs list and history and start menu

The name says it all. TotalSystemCare is designed exactly to provide total care of your system to keep your PC running at its best and most efficient all the time.

Powerful Scanners to Identify All Errors


Speed and Performance

Unnecessary processes can be a major contributing factor to slowing down your PC. Total System Care scans your computer for unneeded tasks and excess processes, enabling you to safely remove impediments, and immediately improve the bootup speed of your computer, as well as loading programs, and using the Internet.

System Stability

Windows components, resource-heavy software, and Internet browsers commonly develop issues that cause them to crash, generating conflicts that can lead to limited functionality of your PC. Issues like this often compound over time, and for the health of your PC, it’s imperative that they be resolved. Total System Care performs a deep scan of your PC for stability issues, such as missing or corrupt files, DLL errors, and unhealthy virtual devices and drivers.


ActiveX and Class Issues

Broken and corrupted ActiveX components often create errors that can trigger numerous problems for your PC. The most common types of ActiveX issues are related to internet browsing, with these issues often leading to websites not loading properly, and in some cases even crashing your PC. Total System Care thoroughly scans your computer for ActiveX issues, as well as missing software paths, and resolves the errors with ease.


Registry Errors

Total System Care features an incredible Windows Registry scanner, specifically designed to identify and repair remanence of incorrectly uninstalled programs, missing or invalid registry keys, incomplete or damaged Windows components such as fonts and shortcuts, and components damaged due to malware or invalid updates.


Security and Privacy

Cookies and tracking files seldom do direct damage to a computer but they are the most common gateway to privacy violations, and they can provide valuable information to hackers and malicious software about actions taken on your PC. Total System Care removes dangerous cookies from your PC, whilst leaving the harmless ones intact, ensuring that you can browse the Internet safely, and conveniently.

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Compatible with: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

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