Google Drive is, without a doubt, the most popular file synchronization program that can be found anywhere in the world. This most useful of utilities allows you to save and back up any of the files that are on your PC to the cloud. This not only gives you an added bit of security in case something happens to your computer but also allows you to share work with colleagues who may be at the other end of the world. However, as is the case with everything that has to do with computers, the situation may arise where you wish to ensure that some of the documents that you are saving to the cloud are secured.

Password-Protect a Document

One way you can achieve this is by password-protecting a Google Drive document. Password protection ensures that only authorized users can have access to the contents of the document. Although Google Drive does not specifically come with a feature that enables you to password-protect a document, there are ways this can be achieved. So, how do you go about doing this?

  1.      Open and make a copy of the Protected Sheet Google spreadsheet. It is possible to rename this file to any name.
  2.      Next, you need to click on “Tools” then “Script Editor.” This will open a new script in a new window or tab.
  3.      Choose “File” and then “Manage Versions” before clicking on “Save a new Version.” All the other fields can be left blank. Click on “OK.”
  4.      The fourth step that you need to take is to click on “Publish” and then “Deploy as web app.” Click on the “Deploy” button.
  5.      A confirmation will appear showing that your app has been deployed as a web app.
  6.      Close the window and revert to the spreadsheet window. There will now be a new menu item called “Protect File.” Click on “Protect File” and then “Initialize” and fill in the required information.
  7.      In order to secure the document, all that is now required is for you to select “Protect File” and then “Encrypt File.” You will be asked to input a password, and you are done.

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