Many PC users who do not want search engines to track them have added Search Privacy as an extension to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and other internet browsers. This tool is sold as a free tool that can help you stop search engines from being able to track you. Once you have this malicious entity on your computer, you would have entered a world of lies and deception.

Once you have installed Search Privacy as an extension, your problems will start in all seriousness. It will manipulate your search engine settings. If you visit any website, it will read all the data you enter. What this means is that Search Privacy does not only read the data you enter on their site but reads data that you enter on other search engines. This is the first sign that Search Privacy is not a reputable place to visit. When this entity is installed on your computer, every time you enter data on any browser, it will be redirected to Search Privacy.

No Transparency

There are a number of things that the people at Search Privacy will not tell you when you are adding it. They will not tell you that this will manipulate your search settings. When you have this entity on your computer, you will notice that the websites you visit will offer some advertisements that promote suspicious programs.

Do You Have Search Privacy on Your Computer?

There are some symptoms that could indicate that you may have Search Privacy on your computer. If you start noticing advertisements on the Windows desktop or the browser or home page has been modified but it is not you who did, then you know that Search Privacy may be on the computer you are using. Your PC will also start showing signs that a computer with a virus would show such as being sluggish and slow. Other signs include a slow internet speed even if the speed from your ISP is okay.

Remove Search Privacy

You can remove Search Privacy and any other unwanted programs on your computer by taking the following steps.

  1.      On the Windows Start Menu, open the Control Panel
  2.      Go to the Programs section and click Uninstall a program. On other versions, you may find this under “Add and remove programs.”
  3.      Once you are here, look for Search Privacy and double-click on it. This will start the process of removing the entity from your computer.
  4.      While you are still here, look for other unwanted programs and remove them.

Act Proactively

Programs such as Search Privacy should never be allowed to invade your computer in the first place. You can act proactively by installing a software program such as Total System Care. This program will treat your computer as one whole and scan it to ensure that malicious entities such as Search Privacy are never allowed. The software engineers at SafeBytes are always busy working on enhancing the software so that it is able to identify the latest threats to your PC on the internet.