Uninstall Our Software

Step 1. Navigate to Control Panel

The first step to uninstalling Safebytes is to access the Control panel. This can be found by accessing the start menu, and either typing ‘control panel’, or for some versions of Windows the control panel should be available as a default option.

In Windows 8, while on the Start screen, swipe up to switch to the Apps screen. With a mouse, click on the downward-facing arrow icon to bring up the same screen.

On the Apps screen, swipe or scroll to the right and find the Windows System category, and then select ‘Control Panel’.

Step 2. Click on Uninstall Programs and Features

Regardless of what version of Windows you’re using, if you have successfully completed step one of the process, then you should have an option to ‘Uninstall Programs and Features’. Double-click this option to select it.

Step 3. Find the software and Click Uninstall

This should open up a list of every single program that is installed on your PC, which is arranged in alphabetical order. To uninstall Safebytes, locate it on the list, and click ‘Uninstall’. Follow all of the on-screen prompts, and you should now have successfully uninstalled the software.