A computer geek is nothing to be sniffed about. Some of them have become billionaires on the back of their advanced skills. Of course not everybody will make it to the top, but even those at the bottom earn plenty of money. It is the reality of the high-tech age that we live in today.

Here are some tips on bringing out the computer geek in you.

Start learning about hardware: This is probably the easiest stuff of the lot. You need to understand the physical makeup of a PC, or smartphone for example. It is also a good idea to look at all the media, gadgets and connectors that are used in the function of a given piece of hardware. This will help you a lot when people start asking you to break up and reassemble their computers/phones in the future.

Understand software packages: At this level, you are trying to go beyond being a merely good user of a software package like, Microsoft Windows or Apple. You need to try and understand how certain aspects of the package work in particular ways. It is also important to correctly identify differences between the various software packages, so that you can easily explain their advantages and disadvantages.

Work with the command lines: Most of us, who are not computer geeks, are quite happy to click your mouse wherever we want to go. For the most part that keeps us sane and efficient.

However, for a computer geek that is not enough. They have to learn to use the MS DOS prompt in Windows at a very advanced level. If they are working with Linux, they need to know how to make use of Console and Terminal. Other foundational operational tools that you might want to add to your skillset include BSD, UNIX and Mac.

Improve your typing skills: Whether they are using one finger or all parts of their hands, computer geeks are known to type at amazing speeds. They do not even have to look at the keyboard as they work. If you learn this skill, it will make your work much faster. Those that are asking you for help, will also have a lot more confidence in your ability to complete their projects on time.

Work on your programming skills: It is important that you know at least three programming languages very well. The novices, will sometimes make the fatal error of mistaking one language with another. Computer geeks on the other hand, never make such mistakes. Some of the packages that you will need to include CSS, HTML, JavaScript, BASIC and Bash. Remember that you start with the fundamentals and then work your way to the top.

Start to repair stuff: Those children that are going to become giants of the computer geek world, always start off with tinkering. They repair everything in sight, with limited success at first, but later on they become the go-to-guys for all problems. You will greatly improve your reputation if you are the person that people around you rely on to get their computers working again.