While many countries are proud of the many products they export to the rest of the world, there is one thing that most of these countries are not proud of. We know that they are not proud because we have never heard any of the spin doctors saying that they are the biggest producers of spam. If it were not for organizations such as the World Economic Form that make this kind of data available in the public domain, very few people would know which countries produce and export the highest levels of spam in the world. In this article, we look at the top 10 spam-producing countries in the world.

How Much Spam Is Produced?

According to a company that produces security software, Kaspersky, over half of the emails that are received across the world are spam. Spam can generally be considered as a message that is sent to people who do not want it. Most of the spam that you will see is trying to advertise something to the person to whom it is being sent. The products advertised in spam messages are often suspicious. Think of that get-rich offer you received or the email that told you that you  could get something for free even if you didn’t ask for it, and you know what spam is.

According to Kaspersky, the volume of spam on the overall has been declining since 2014. They indicate that they expect this number to keep going down. While they do not give the reasons for this decline, we can safely assume that the spammers are no longer making as much money as they did when they started. Again, many PC users are now able to identify a spam email from a mile away. There are also software programs that block most of the spam.

The Top 10 List (Sourced from Kaspersky Lab)

  1.      United States- 15.2%
  2.      Russia- 6.2%
  3.      Vietnam- 6.1%
  4.      China- 6.1%
  5.      Germany- 4.2%
  6.      Ukraine – 4%
  7.      France- 3.2%
  8.      India- 3%
  9.      Argentina- 2.9%
  10.    Brazil- 2.9%

The Major Players

It looks like the United States is a jack of many trades. We have always known it as the number one economy. Now, we also know that it produces the most spam. This country on its own produces about fifteen percent of the world’s spam.

The next three countries on this infamous list produce about six percent each. This means that the United States produces almost the same amount of spam as Vietnam, Russia, and China combined.

The numbers indicate that most of the spam produced in the world lands inside German inboxes. Both the United States and the United Kingdom receive about half of the spam emails that Germany receives.

Within the Top Ten, the country that has shown the biggest growth when it comes to the production of spam is Russia. It moved from number 8 on the list to number 2.

Need For Diligence

Even though there is a decline in the number of spam emails doing the rounds, there is still a need for diligence. Software solutions such as Total System Care from SafeBytes can be very useful in ensuring that the dangers posed by spam are neutralized before they scan your system and create havoc.