Are you worried that there may be things that are untoward happening in your home or office while you are away? Or, do you just want to know what is happening in an area that you are responsible for so that if something goes wrong, you can look at what really happened. Get a surveillance camera! But, you know that this is expensive. There is a cheaper solution; infect a free solution to your problem. Just learn how to use your computer’s webcam as a surveillance camera for free.

What You Will Need

To set up your computer’s webcam as a camera, you are going to need a computer with a webcam. If you want to monitor a big area, you will need a number of IP cameras. You will then need the free software. This software can capture images through an email, a live feed, or photographs. Some of the more sophisticated programs will even allow you to monitor activity remotely with the use of another device such as your phone or a tablet.

You will also need to be running your laptop on Windows XP or above. There should also be at least 2GB of RAM on the computer. On your hard disc, you will need to have at least 200 GB of free memory. Also, ensure that your computer is working optimally by downloading Total System Care from SafeBytes. It will help to scan the applications you download so that you do not end up with malicious stuff on your machine.

Below, we look at one of these free applications, iSpy, that can help you turn the webcam on your laptop into a surveillance camera.

If you want to use the computer as a spy, you will need to turn off the sleep function and ensure that the laptop is connected to a power source.

Installing iSpy

  1.      Ensure that you are downloading the correct package for the processor on your computer. You can find this out by going to the Control panel and clicking on System.
  2.      Unzip the file folder.
  3.      When the Windows Security Warning appears, click Run.
  4.      Keep clicking through the wizard and do so until you are right at the last window. You will need to ensure that the checkbox that will launch iSpy is checked before clicking Close.
  5.      Allow access to your networks by clicking on the checkbox next to Private networks.
  6.      To go through the tabs on the iSpy welcome screen, click Okay.
  7.      On the Getting Started window, click Close.
  8.      Look at the top row of icons in the window that is now open, and then click on Local Camera. You can give the camera a name that will indicate where it is placed. Checking the Camera Active box will activate the webcam.
  9.      Get to the tab that activates motion detection, and click Next.
  10.    Select the alert you want on the Alerts tab and click Next.
  11.    Set the microphone on the microphone section.
  12.    In the pop-up box, click New.

Now the system is ready, and you can get it going by going to the home screen and then clicking All On. Remember that for the system to function, you need to be connected to the internet.