Since the corporate world is investing in advanced security equipment that protects them from bot attacks, personal computers and laptops at home are the most vulnerable when it comes to botnets. Fraudsters through malware bots can take control of these computers and use them in a network as a group of ‘zombie’ computers.

Botnets have evolved from being just a concept into a powerful network for distribution of spam and malware. Because of their versatility, botnets are capable of bitcoin mining and distributed denial of service attacks. Those in charge of cyber security are grappling with many scenarios that promote the growth and use of botnets.

Centralized Or Distributed Networks

These two networks are easy and require relatively fewer resources to setup and run. Running botnets in such a setup is quite reasonable because they are quite prone to network failures.

Multifaceted Attacks

Apart from distributed denial of service attacks, these botnets will continue to be in the market because they are versatile in the way attack the system. Other forms of such botnets include spam flooding, system takeover, and brute attacks botnets.

Different Communication Protocols

The implementation of different communication protocols over time have proved that botnets can work over the less secure protocols such as HTTP and HTTPS.

Evasion Techniques

Botnets are becoming more advanced as technology improves. They are capable of circumventing security measures using encryption that disguise their identity and VoIP tunneling. This has made them famous to the interested parties.

Always on The Lookout

Bots are actively looking for new machines to take over and add it to the existing botnet infrastructure. They implement this by using Distributed DNS service and hard-coded IP addresses.

Use of Brute Force

This technique is used to guess passwords from email servers using email scanners and remote desktop scanning tools. New botnets are geared towards circumventing the existing security controls.

Advanced Malware

Botnets use or distribute advanced malware that are capable of stealing confidential data from highly secured systems.

Communicating to External Servers or Command Centers

Sophisticated cyber criminals develop a set of data communication tools that are specifically defined to perform specific tasks. They can secretly extract data and send data using HTTP POST.

The Demand on The Market

There is a growing demand of botnets in the market to be used constructively (advertisements and other constructive uses) and maliciously (fraud). This demand creates competition in the market and leads to both underground and legitimate companies to invest in the botnet industry.

The metamorphosis of bots lies in their ability to use different tools and available technologies to and override weak network systems. Old and new botnets is a daily worry to cyber security experts. Identifying botnet infections requires the use of TotalSystemCare that will help in curbing the likely impact on the network.

Tools such as TotalSystemCare scan the entire network for viruses and other malicious threats and fight against high-level botnets. SafeBytes TotalSystemCare will go a long way in securing your network from Botnets and keeping your data safe.