SafeBytes – The Ultimate in Threat Detection & Removal


Virus Protection

Safebytes has been developed by a highly skilled team of software developers from all four corners of the globe. We have worked diligently to produce the most advanced virus and malware protection available on the market today. And we also work round-the-clock to ensure that the extensive, comprehensive virus database which is the foundation of the software is absolutely up to date at all times.


Highest Detection Rate

Safebytes has received acclaim from both critics and customers for the quality of its virus and malware protection. And with good reason – Safebytes has performed extremely well in laboratory testing conditions, delivering the highest detection rate of viruses and malware anywhere in the industry. When you sign up for Safebytes, you know that you’re quite simply getting the best virus and malware protection available.


Real-Time Protection

Aside from the fact that Safebytes kills any viruses stone dead, and effectively removes all malware from your computer, it also offers outstanding real-time protection. Safebytes will run quietly in the background as you get on with important work and tasks, at all times keeping you completely safe from all of the malignant threats on the Internet. No viruses or malware can seep through the net with Safebytes protecting your system.


User Friendly

At Safebytes, we know that you want software packages that are easy to use. Therefore we have designed the outstanding Safebytes program to be suitable for any PC user. This is an extremely user-friendly piece of software, which has been praised continually by consumers for its ease of use and intuitiveness.


Advanced Features

Safebytes is notable for its advanced functionality. Its features include: The best virus engine in the industry; the most intuitive and user-friendly interface of any virus checker; full real-time protection against all known viruses and malware; inbound and outbound firewall protection; constant monitoring of computer for hacker activity; all websites given a unique safety rating.


24/7 support

Although Safebytes is an outstanding piece of software, and one of the most reliable programs that you will ever use, should you experience any difficulties at any time you can rest assured that we provide outstanding support to our customers. We are available for full software support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and pride ourselves on offering polite, helpful and absolutely top-quality customer service.

Discover our intuitive, light weight Anti-Malware

There is a catalogue of compelling reasons why Safebytes should be considered a must download for anyone wanting to protect their computer from viruses and malware. The Safebytes software provides a feature-packed foundation for virus and malware protection, and the most acclaimed database of viruses anywhere in the industry. The SafeBytes program is incredibly easy and intuitive to use, and runs very quietly in the background providing full virus and malware protection for your PC, while not impeding the everyday running of your computer.

SafeBytes is a powerful yet light weight and easy to use anti-virus and anti-malware solution. Don’t delay, download SafeBytes today!
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